Hey you,

My musical journey began at age 13 with my dark brown hair and pin straight bangs. It was a time of broken-in guitar strings and calloused fingertips. I fell in love with country music and the importance of telling a story for anyone to hear. I started with poetry and moved towards melodic phrases. I soon decided to start moving forward with my dream of being a singer/songwriter by performing at various venues starting at 14 years old. I was extremely shy up until college, so this was a way I could utilize my voice. Currently, I write songs on just about everything going on in my life; such as finding someone that fits the last page in my story, overcoming an emotionally abusive heartbreak, girls night outs, the struggles of being a female, getting over someone but not wanting to let go, , the butterflies of a first date, and so much more! . I not only want to use my music as a way for people to relate to our victories and heartbreaks, but for charities to be heard and help those in need. And that, is the greatest voice of all.


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